So you’re thinking of Selling your home?

Or its time to purchase a home, its your first home, or maybe its time to invest your hard earned cash into a revenue generating property. The Stock market is not providing the gains you were hoping, and your thinking a long term investment. these are so many different scenarios for the general population, when it comes time to purchase their next home and it can become overwhelming at times. I can help you with this process, because right know I am a buyer myself and my wife has me out looking at every possible listing that will fit our needs.

Everyone has the specific criteria that needs to be fullfilled and you should have that list when it comes to narrowing down the right property. I have met Buyers that would rather go at the search alone but, if you are really serious about your next purchase, having a Realtor provide you with a search that is automatically generated daily, weekly, monthly whatever the frequency you desire, will help narrow down your search very quickly. This is one of the most powerful tools that we we use, the next advantage for anyone working with your favourite Realtor is the amount of contacts they have within their network, and this is a data base that should grow for most of us daily, and you can take adantage of this when it comes to selling and purchasing your next property.

Another item comes to mind when i come across the for sale by owners ( FSBO.)….I tried that once too, It is the budget for marketing. Number 1 expense for a realtor “MARKETING” we spend thousands of dollars annually to get your home out on MLS, print, Classified, all the webs sites known to man, and last but not least FOR SALE SIGNS. It is amazing to me that people want to sell their home but feel they do not have to advertise. They do not want a FOR SALE in the front yard…… its a secret sale, someone might find out that they are trying to sell their home. I know everyone has their reasons,  but come on people the guy next door might have a son, daughter, mother, buddy or just in conversation speak with someone about your home FOR SALE.

There is nothing like free marketing and advertising, take every avenue possible when getting your home on the market, ask your Realtor what their marketing plan is for your home, and what he/she is going to do for your listing that will make it stand out more than the next one.

I will be adding my views more frequently and hope to hear some of yours

Regards Brad Hall

Never too busy for a referral